Rifle in suspect’s car matches…

Rifle in suspect’s car matches sniper bullets

And the car had been modified so a shooter could lie prone and shoot out through a hole in the trunk. Good God… It’s no wonder that no one saw anything.

A homegrown terrorist, who happens to be Black and is a converted Muslim. Is this some weird kind of blowback with an unhinged individual latching onto radical ideology to justify slaughter?

Meanwhile, Russia continues with their blowback, the Chechens holding 400 hostages in a movie theatre. A suicide squad of Chechens with explosives strapped to themselves. Quite willing to die.

The Coming Anarchy: Shattering the Dreams of the Post Cold War, by Robert D. Kaplan 2001, clearly, if gloomily posits a world quite a lot like the one starting to emerge. Regional conflicts acerbated by religious and ethnic conflicts. A growing poor population at odds with the wealthy nations. A view, I think, that helps explain (not excuse) terrorism.