Case of Spinelessness

Case of Spinelessness
by Marc Cooper 

Here I thought Marc Cooper, a seriously good journalist, was about to do a Christopher Hitchens and become a “former leftist”.  Thankfully, as is apparent from the article, I was wrong.

AS I WATCHED GEORGE W. BUSH deliver his Big Speech on Iraq earlier this week, I half-expected to see the freckled, grinning visage of Dick Gephardt pop right out of the president’s breast pocket. But then I remembered the House Democratic leader had recently attached himself to a lower part of Dubya’s anatomy and was out of view.

So if this unjustifiable attack on Iraq comes to pass, I don’t want to see so much as a single Democrat out there whining that this is “George W. Bush’s War.” It’s also Dick Gephardt’s war. And Joe Biden’s. And every other Democrat who is voting this week to authorize use of force.

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