The avowed goal of Bush for the U.S. to be the unquestioned ruler of the world doesn’t appear to be working.  Germany and Japan are clearly going their own way and Tony Blair, PM of England, may be the first casualty of the Iraq War.

Germany remains opposed to any Iraq War, UN ok or not

Among the loudest voices on the world stage expressing opposition to war against Iraq has been Germany’s Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder and he can thank that strong stance for his narrow re-election last weekend.

Suddenly, Japan cuts the cord to U.S. policy

“The Japanese people just don’t want to be dictated to by Big Brother any more, even though the support for our alliance with the United States is broader than in the Cold War,” said Yoichi Funabashi, a columnist with The Asahi Shimbun, a liberal newspaper. “Settling the missing persons issue helps us recover our national manhood. We have realized that wealth and mercantilism aren’t the only concerns for us in the world.”

British Labor Party support drops on Iraq Fears

The popularity of Britain’s ruling Labor Party is plumbing new lows as fears grow over a possible military move against Iraq, according to a poll in the Guardian newspaper on Tuesday.