Cardinal Mahony hid pedo-priests from…

Cardinal Mahony hid pedo-priests from police, L.A. Times

In a front page story Sunday, the L.A. Times details how Cardinal Mahony blocked police inquiries into priest sexual abuse, hid priests in foreign countries, and, in general did whatever he could to keep a media lid on the problem – even when that meant reassigning priests to parishes where they committed the same crimes again.

Faced with allegations that parish priests had sexually abused minors, the Los Angeles Archdiocese under Cardinal Roger M. Mahony for many years withheld information from police and allowed clerics facing prosecution to flee to foreign countries, internal records and interviews show.

Now Mahoney claims to have got religion, as it were, about this, and says he is busily rooting out all such bad apple priests.  Hmmm, and he also hired the same public relations firm that Enron used to help him in this noble battle.  Pardon my skepticism. 

Indictments are expected soon for several priests, and hey, if Mahony withheld evidence and obstructed justice, shouldn’t he be indicted too?