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WordPress Jetpack has powerful features

Jetpack is a free plugin for self-hosted WordPress blogs from that adds a plethora of new features and functionality. Stats and Shortcodes are among the most popular of its thirty modules. I’ve just added three powerful new Jetpack features to my blogs and to client blogs. They are Publicize, Photon, and Enhanced Distribution. Publicize. […]

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Woot! I fixed a cranky WordPress plugins conflict

Geek alert: this will be highly technical, convoluted, and no doubt indecipherable to many. A WordPress plugins conflict on this blog made it seemingly impossible to create a sitemap, no matter what I did. The problem appeared to be a problem deep with the innards of W3 Total Cache. If I deactivated W3TC, sitemaps were […]

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WordPress. Jetpack bloated, slow.

This blog was acting sluggish. My webhost said something was eating up compute cycles because of large numbers of database hits. I deactivated plugins one by one and looked at the results after a couple of days but there was no difference. I installed a CDN via the excellent W3TC cache plugin and while the […]

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Geeking out with WordPress, CDNs, and Amazon CloudFront

It is truly amazing how powerful and sophisticated WordPress is becoming. Even better, much of this functionality is available from free plugins and themes. (The developers of such products can make money by doing support, custom work, etc., after giving away the main product and building a user base.) Here’s an example, using the disk […]

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Contextly. Relevant links for WordPress

Contextly takes a new approach to having relevant links at the bottom of a blog post. Rather than attempting to find links based on the title of the post and the content, it lets you choose them. You can have internal links from the blog and external links as well. The interface is easy to […]

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Speed up WordPress with W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache is an amazing, free WordPress plugin that when configured optimally results in WordPress blogs loading much faster, like this one. If you want to view the home page in WordPress, it normally runs a PHP script, opens the database, populates the page with the data, then presents it to the viewer. If […]

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Polizeros caching software change

Polizeros is now running W3 Total Cache. You may notice the site is loading faster. (There were a few hiccups earlier in the day while installing it but those have been resolved.) Caching software makes copies of frequently used pages, like the Home Page, then serves them up to those browsing the site. So, rather […]

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Digging Into WordPress. An essential book

If you have a self-hosted WordPress blog, you need Digging Into WordPress. It’s 400+ pages filled with useful info for bloggers and developers. I’ll be using what I’m learning here to set up CMS sites for clients as well as customize this blog. It’s really put the final pieces of the WordPress puzzle together for […]

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