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The behemoth that is Walmart. Maybe it is evil

Doug Henwood continues the discussion, making the cogent point that while Walmart wages may be average for retail, that Walmart has played a major role in lowering wages and cutting benefits. Because of their size, they set wages as well as prices. By lowering the cost of the bare minimum, Walmart makes it a lot […]

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The behemoth that is Walmart. Maybe not evil

Peter Suderman at Reason tweeted several counters to the progressive view that Walmart is inherently evil. Business Insider has posted them. I tend to agree. Walmart is so freaking huge that no matter what they do, it will have consequences. They currently emphasize renewable energy, cutting waste in packaging, and put compact florescent light bulbs […]

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WalMart is the Titanic and Mexican bribery its iceberg

Savvy thoughts from the Phoenix Principle. Walmart is a dinosaur that can not or will not change. WalMart’s industrial strategy is similar to the Titanic strategy. Build a boat so big it can’t sink. And if any retailer could be that big, then WalMart was it. But these scandals keep showing us that the water […]

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Walmart makes huge move into social media / mobile

The tagline of @WalmartLabs is “Social + Mobile + Retail” and it’s an indicator of where Walmart wants to go with the [Kosmix semantic web] technology it acquired. Walmart wants to tap into social data – for example from Twitter – and entice mobile phone toting customers to its stores. Walmart also wants to beef […]

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There are reasons Walmart is so big

Here’s one example. I upgraded my iPhone 3GS to an iPhone 4 at an Apple Store in Las Vegas. However, they were out of clear plastic protecters for the screen. A nearby Best Buy didn’t have them either. A search online found some, and pricing was generally about $18 for a package of three (the […]

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