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The revolution will not be tweeted, says the New Yorker

John Robb quotes from the New Yorker article, then adds thoughts of his own. Social networks are effective at increasing participation—by lessening the level of motivation that participation requires…. Facebook activism succeeds not by motivating people to make a real sacrifice but by motivating them to do the things that people do when they are […]

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Use Feedburner to post RSS to Twitter

I’ve been using Twitterfeed to auto-post from here to Twitter. Unforunately it’s now doing sporadic updates and seems unreliable. However, you can use Google Feedburner to auto-post from your RSS feed to Twitter. Choose the feed, Publicize / Socialize. Added bonus: Configure your blog to use PubSubHubbub (WordPress has a plugin) and the Twitter update […]

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Search engine wars heat up

Battle lines are drawn for the war of web search dominance Facebook buys Friendfeed. Their real target is Google, not Twitter. Twitter vs. Facebook: Who will win in real-time search? Comparison of their search engine features. Because it’s all about search. Real-time search. Google doesn’t have that yet. Facebook now has 300 million users and […]

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Should I quit blogging, asks Problogger

Problogger responds to the “Is blogging dead” meme that Steve Rubel and others have been posting about. I get the sense from a lot of bloggers that they feel that they’re being left behind – that all this new stuff that is emerging is beyond them – that it’s hopeless to keep on blogging. My […]

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Stocktwits. Using Twitter to create a niche community

Stocktwits uses Twitter to build a niche community around trading stocks. Scoble interviews founder Howard Lindzon. Here’s how it works. Post on Twitter about trading stocks and preface stock symbols with ‘$’ and use ‘stocktwits’ as a hashtag. An example tweet might be “I think $MSFT is a long-term buy because of Windows 7 and […]

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Is blogging dead?

Jon Buscall So Steve Rubel has dumped blogging for lifestreaming. Charles Arthur at The Guardian also notes that participation on Twitter and Facebook is replacing blogging. Whilst I’ve noticed some of my favourite bloggers aren’t posting as frequently as usual, my own take on this is simple: don’t abandon your blog – just yet. The […]

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