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Our world beyond 9/11

A teardrop of water fell from the ceiling sky landing in the ceremonial pool below slowly sending ripples and rings outward to the installation’s coping. Eleven Tears is a memorial work of art to 9/11 victims at the World Financial Center building overlooking the ongoing One World Trade Center construction site. On Sunday, May Day, […]

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Are Mexico drug cartels terrorist?

El Universal urges the government of Mexico to request the UN to label the cartels as terrorists. (Translated by Borderland Beat) The attacks that have been executed by the criminal groups in Mexico against the authorities and the civilian population would be the very definition of terrorism that the United Nations put forth during one […]

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It’s the occupation, stupid

Extensive research into the causes of suicide terrorism proves Islam isn’t to blame — the root of the problem is foreign military occupations. The researchers examined over 2,200 suicide attacks from 1980 until now across the world. Even more telling, their research shows that when the occupations end, so does the terrorism. End the Iraq […]

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Propaganda of the Deed

Michael Gerson of the Washington Post attempts to rewrite history: Since the days of Russian anarchist Mikhail Bakunin, radicals have talked of the “propaganda of the deed” — the use of dramatic, usually violent, acts to inspire the masses and topple the existing order. The method — targeting symbolic landmarks to create powerful images — […]

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