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Oil over people in Texas – Keystone Pipeline goes forward

Michael Bishop was ready for his day in court against TransCanada’s Keystone pipeline, which is under construction in East Texas and approaching his homestead.  The only trouble was – the court wasn’t ready. By the time TransCanada attorneys and Bishop, the former Marine representing himself, showed up at the Nacogdoches County Court on December 19 […]

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Blame Canada. Kyoto betrayal and oil sands extraction

Canada is the only country to abandon and deliberately sabotage greenhouse targets under Kyoto and is going full-tilt on tar sands extraction. Their betrayal of Kyoto is directly linked to the forces there wanting to engage in the hideously destructive environmental degradation that is oil sands extraction. Monbiot. Canada is now threat to world peace […]

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Hyperion mini-nuclear reactor

The Hyperion nuclear reactor is the size of a refrigerator, costs $30 million, and can power up to 20,000 homes. Hyperion says they have $2 billion in orders and are pitching them to be used to generate power for Alberta tar sands extraction, rather than using natural gas. This would reduce carbon emissions substantially, even […]

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Green links

Braving toxic fumes and oily, black water, 11 Greenpeace activists entered Syncrude’s Aurora tar sands operation, targeting the same two-kilometre wide tailings pond just north of Fort McMurray, Alberta, that made international headlines in March after 500 ducks landed on the pond and drowned in the sludge. Rockport Missouri: First 100% wind-powered US city. Data […]

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Alberta: Deadly tar sands

EcoSanity runs video of the Premier of Alberta pimping for tar sands exploitation and intersperses it with funny, snarky comments about his bald-faced lies (Yes, they will deeply respect the environment, right.) Added bonus: A protester gets ejected from the meeting.

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