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Dogma or Revolution? The Choice Is Ours for American Left

By Christian Wright I like this article, and I am glad it is written. The American left barely exists. The self-consciously “anti-imperialist” American left, in a country of 300 million people, can probably be housed in its entirety in one of our smaller to mid-sized sports areas. Its influence is marginal, but unfortunately this rarely […]

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Eugene Debs

There is so much forgotten history in the US. Like Eugene Debs, who ran for president as a socialist in 1920 from prison and got almost a million votes. He was a labor organizer, and so active in the Pullman Strike of 1896 that it became known as “Deb’s Rebellion.” The government sent in troops, […]

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Capitalist blogs rage against exploitation. Far left snoozes

Is SLP the NYSE’s answer to Direct Edge’s “Advance Look” Enhanced Liquidity Provider Program or You Trade You Lose, You Trade Goldman Wins So says Zero Hedge in yet another stunning blog post, this time on how major stock exchanges have, in effect, preferential tiered private clubs that allow the wealthy and connected to get […]

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Newsweek: “We are all socialists now”

In many ways our economy already resembles a European one. As boomers age and spending grows, we will become even more French. I hope so. Then the US will have actual, affordable health care for all, among other such socialist interventions. But right now, the socialism has just been for the rich. Or for the […]

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Egads! It can’t be! Capitalism’s dead

T-1000, the self-reconstituting cyborg from Terminator II So, socialism, finally. This has got to be up there with the most unlikely developments of the epoch. After the collapse of planned market economies everywhere, the right’s trouncing of the left, the rise of a near-universal awe of the free market, and the triumph of the unimaginably […]

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