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Why the Romney campaign was gobsmacked after losing

The Romney campaign was clueless, arrogant  and believed their own polls rather than the more objective independent polls. I’m convinced that the incompetents they had doing polls for them simply told the Romney campaign what it wanted to hear while collecting fat fees. This was made worse by their determined and persistent delusion that the electorate was comprised primarily of well-off, middle-aged, conservative Anglo males.


In a TV interview [Romney campaign manager Stuart] Stevens said the Romney campaign didn’t do a good enough job reaching out to Latinos and women. To which we say, hey, don’t sell yourself short. You did a bang-up job of reaching out to Latinos and women – telling Latinos to self-deport themselves and women to slap on chastity belts.

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Just how smart is Mitt Romney?

Mitt Romney probably isn’t particularly smart and that’s made worse by the habit of much of the 1% to pay someone else to do their thinking for them, says Cannonfire.

I disagree with this a bit. It’s probably true of Romney, who suffers from a delusional combination of self-entitlement and cluelessness. But is certainly not true of tech and Internet company CEOs here in Silicon Valley and elsewhere. The people that run companies like Google, Apple, Amazon, Facebook, and Microsoft are generally whip-smart and constantly innovating. Rest of your laurels or take things for granted in Silicon Valley and some start-up out of nowhere may eat your lunch.

Contrast that attitude to that of Mitt Romney, who along with his wife apparently assumed the presidency would be theirs because they are royalty and is was meant to be.

By all accounts, the past month has been most difficult on Romney’s wife, Ann, who friends said believed up until the end that ascending to the White House was their destiny.

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Ranking Republicans kick Romney to curb

pics on Sodahead

Newt Gingrich told Evan Smith that Mitt Romney’s explanation of why he lost the election — by giving “gifts” to minorities and young people — was “insulting and profoundly wrong.”

Republican governors Jinal of Louisiana, Martinez of New Mexico, and Christie of New Jersey echo the sentiment. Romney’s extraordinarily fast (and well-deserved) fall from top is no doubt due to him positioning himself as the only candidate that could win then running one of the worst campaigns in memory while changing his views to suit whatever audience he was speaking to. Andrew Sullivan summed Romney up perfectly when he called him “an empty suit.” And now Romney has been kicked to the curb by his own party.

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Mitt Romney does not disappoint, declares self a bloke

Comedy writers are of course praising the heavens as they now have a national political figure who is both deeply clueless and hugely arrogant.

Mitt Romney has emphasised his English ancestry after a gaffe-filled day in London, declaring himself to be “a guy from Great Britain” who is “married to a girl from Wales”.

Well, then, I expect he and Billy Bragg will down at the pub tonight singing “Which Side Are You On?.”

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Mitt Romney is the new Sarah Palin!

Mitt Romney has made a stunningly bad mess of his visit to Britain. People are openly disgusted with his arrogant, clueless demeanor and the Mayor of London, who is a conservative, attacked Romney at a rally of 60,000.

From James Chappers, Political Editor of the Daily Mail

Other reactions

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ROMNEY’$ unconditional guarantee

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Romney’s UBS account–doing business with Holocaust profiteer

UBS tried to deep six documents of holocaust victims’ bank accounts, so why did Romney park his money there?

Am I the only person in the world that this has occurred to?
Mitt Romney had a $3 million dollar account in UBS (United or Union Bank of Switzerland).  Why would he leave his money in a bank that got caught with its pants down trying to destroy records of holocaust victims’ accounts?
Heroic Security Guard Christoph Meili refused to destroy holocaust victims’ bank records and blew the whistle on his employer, UBS
Christoph Meili heroically exposed the corrupt UBS banksters who had ripped off the accounts of holocaust victims. Christoph Meili was a hero.
Mitt Romney and everybody else who does business with UBS without a thought or concern about what UBS and many other Swiss banks did to the Jews are not.

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Mitt Romney. “Hang” Obama with economic misery rope

The Humble Libertarian

Accusations of racism are probably unfair to Mitt, because let’s be honest, if he had actually even been thinking about Obama’s race, he wouldn’t have said what he did at all.

But here’s the most important– and true– accusation: Mitt Romney is obviously not ready for prime time. A libertarian friend of mine noted that Mitt Romney is trying so hard to posture as “the safe candidate” and this blunder proves he is anything but.

Romney has always seemed an empty suit to me, just another career politician with no core beliefs. But by his very emptiness and shallowness, he may just torpedoed his campaign.

I am so tired of sleazy politicians who believe in and care about nothing except their own ambition. And there are plenty of them in both parties.

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Mitt Romney robo-call

Dave Sifry, founder of Technorati, got a phone call from Mitt Romney! Not only did Mitt beg for money, he said he got Dave’s number from his dad. So Dave called his dad who said “this is phony, this is fabrication, this is bullshit.” Dave then called the number that Mitt called from and it was someone’s cell phone…

Most bizarre. But still, somehow quite fitting for the robotic Romney campaign.

Betcha Mitt didn’t foresee that a highly visible geek would do a blog post about it.

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