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Best and brightest goes to prison for meth

A cautionary tale. Drugs don’t care if you are a Phi Beta Kappa Georgetown law student like Marc Gersen. He got addicted to meth, got in way over his head, thought he was smarter than the cops, kept dealing after they raided his apartment, and now he’s going to prison for four years after being […]

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Breaking Bad. Meth dealers as anti-heroes? I don’t get it

I just watched Breaking Bad for the first time. It’s excellent writing and acting, to be sure, but they’re all dirtbags, aren’t they? Besides, real-life meth cookers and dealers are generally sleazier and more treacherous than portrayed on the show, and are usually strung out too. So, I don’t get Breaking Bad unless you want […]

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Amphetamine psychosis in the meth capital of US

A 23 year old Fresno, CA mother shot her two toddlers, cousin, husband, and herself after smoking meth. It’s called amphetamine psychosis, and it’s beyond ugly. The Central Valley of California is a hub for meth distribution. Rural areas are good for cooking meth in and some fertilizers are precursors. I-5 and State Rt 99 […]

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Arizona is #1 in meth use by high school students

The Arizona Meth Project is trying hard, and succeeding at, reducing first-time meth usage by young people “through public service messaging, public policy, and community outreach.”  It does so primarily by using modern advertising techniques to create extremely hard-hitting 30 second TV ads with a core message of “Not Even Once.” In an ad titled […]

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Mexican cartels now primary source for U.S meth

Thank you, Mexico. Thank you, China. Thank you, corrupt money laundering US banks and hedge funds. The youth of America salutes you. A legitimate pharmaceutical company in India exports cold pills to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, where they are falsely labeled as herbal supplements and shipped to Belize, and then to Veracruz by […]

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CVS admits selling meth ingredient, to pay $75 million fine

On Thursday, the nation’s largest operator of retail pharmacies announced it had agreed to pay $75 million in fines for allowing repeated purchases of pseudoephedrine that led to a spike in Southern California drug trafficking. But of course there are no criminal penalties, just the usual charade of a company promising to sin more more […]

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Metal Band BORG fights Arizona meth usage

Joe Terborg did 12 years in prison on meth related charges and is now in BORG (Beyond Our Recognitions of God), a heavy metal band that crusades against meth use. Drummer Matt James: “It’s metal with a message. That’s pretty much what we try to go by. It’s not so much Christian. It’s not so […]

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American Meth

American Meth is a cross-country journey that focuses on several facets of the methamphetamine epidemic. From the oil fields of Wyoming and New Mexico to the homeless in Portland and the teens of Montana, filmmaker Justin Hunt spins a blue-collar tale of tragedy and triumph. Actor Val Kilmer lends his voicing talents as your narrator […]

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