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California governor’s race. The nutty uncle vs the calculating iceberg

CalWatchdog, an investigative journalism site that tilts rightward, weighs in on the governor’s race. [Meg Whitman] says she’s willing to stake a fortune on a candidacy in order to save the state. I just can’t figure what ideas she has that will dramatically reform the state. It’s that authenticity thing again. I have no doubt […]

Jerry Brown rebounds in California governor’s race

My latest for CAIVN. Just when everyone including me thought maybe Jerry Brown was down for the count, Meg Whitman stalls in the polls, and Brown starts coming on strong. With environmental issues becoming major issues in the gubernatorial race, Brown’s stance will undoubtedly resonate with voters. After all, California has a 13 point advantage […]

Jerry Brown. Grasshopper or Lotus Flower?

Calbuzz on the ever-elusive and victory-by-being-pummeled California gubernatorial campaign of Jerry Brown With anxious Democrats from one end of the state to the other wetting the bed over Krusty the General’s Sun Tzu fight-by-indirection approach to the battle for governor (“He who knows when he can fight and when he cannot will be victorious”) to […]

Wall Street Whitman. Play the game!

Wall Street Whitman is thoughtfully brought to you by The California Federation of Labor. But, Meg Whitman is gaining in the polls now. Indeed, one new poll has her ahead of Jerry Brown in the race for California governor. The hard truth of the matter is that, aside from her being able to self-finance her […]

As Whitman gains, Brown runs lackluster campaign

Jerry Brown’s gubernational campaign in California is unfocused and he’s slipping in the polls. Part of the problem is eMeg’s deep pockets. But the truth is, Brown’s campaign so far has been lackadaisical and apparently unconcerned with the issues. Whitman, by contrast, is running a tight, disciplined campaign where she relentlessly stays on message. Brown […]

It’s time for Jerry Brown to give in and get serious

The Democrat will have a hard time convincing voters that Meg Whitman’s ideas are not workable if he doesn’t have a better plan of his own. It’s worse than that. Jerry Brown’s campaign website still has nothing about the California budget crisis. This is inexcusable.

Whitman’s lead in California evaporating

Meg Whitman, billionaire founder of eBay, was ahead by 22 points just three weeks ago in the California Republican primary race. Now she leads opponent Steve Poizner by just two points. Maybe you can’t be devoid of ideas and buy a governorship with your own money after all.

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