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Italy is broke, banksters play pretend and extend

Banksters, too often, refuse to take any responsibility, face reality, or tell the truth. Not only are they corrupt, they are also stupid. This dreary pattern is playing out in Italy. It can’t pay its bills so rules will be changed so bankster’s deranged delusions can continue. Hence, a eurocratic deus ex machina: José Manuel […]

Italy election to banksters – drop dead. Mainstream media horrified

Voters in the Italy election convincingly rejected austerity on Sunday. Appointed prime minister Mario Monti, member of the Bildeberger Group and advisor to Goldman Sachs, got clobbered, with a mere 9%. Comedian Beppe Grillo running as a protest candidate got 24%. The center left won, but only slightly. All of big winners oppose the austerity […]

The vampire squid is in Italy too

Ex-Goldman Sachs employees hold high governmental positions in Italy. And brace yourself for this shocker, Goldman is embroiled in a corruption scandal there too. What, was taking control of America not good enough for The World’s Most Evil Investment Bank? Guess not, because now they’ve been accused of spreading their tentacles across the pond (vampire […]

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