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Internet of thingees

VC angel and entrepreneur Esther Dyson discusses our imminent Internet of thingees and other topics in a must-read LinkedIn article about the AllThingsD No. 11 conference. The internet of things is a world in which the experimental, prototyping attitude of software hackers now infects hardware hackers. My favorite anecdote from someone developing an intelligent pill […]

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Dropbox Automator

It’s Ifttt for Dropbox, says Techcrunch. Put a file in Dropbox folder and Dropbox Automator will do any number of automated tasks like converting documents to PDFs then sending them to Google Docs, uploading photos to Facebook or Flickr after writing text on them, or sending a status update to Facebook. Lots more too. Whee.

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Here’s another 1% that I’m not in

That’s the biggest users of the mobile airwaves. The world’s congested mobile airwaves are being divided in a lopsided manner, with 1 percent of consumers generating half of all traffic. The top 10 percent of users, meanwhile, are consuming 90 percent of wireless bandwidth. Arieso, a company in Newbury, England, that advises mobile operators in […]

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Ifttt. Automate tasks, posting, backing up data

This is geek heaven. Ifttt allows you send email reminders to yourself, autopost from Google+ to Facebook, alert when it will rain tomorrow, send starred Google reader items to Evernote, backup up Facebook photos to Dropbox, and lots more. It’s free and users are happily writing all manner of useful tools. You can too. It’s […]

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State of California websites still in the Dark Ages

In an era when data is steadily moving to the Internet and the cloud, the sad truth is that State of California websites are too often inadequate and archaic. Information should be easy to find on state websites. It’s not. Californians should be able to fill out forms online to be processed by the state. […]

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Wikileaks, the end of the open internet, and propaganda

Ian Welch on the disintegration of freedom in the US under the guise of security Let’s just state the obvious here: we’re seeing the end of the open internet with what is being done to Wikileaks. It’s one thing for Amazon to toss them, it’s another thing entirely to refuse to propagate their domain information. […]

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Inventor of Ethernet calls for creation of Enternet

Bob Metcalfe, inventor of Ethernet, is calling for a national energy network modeled after the Internet. Make it smart, resilient, with cheap, plentiful power, he says. Earth2tech summarizes his main points, which include “It’s easier to teach energy to the entrepreneurs than to teach entrepreneurship to the energy industry,” so take advantage of Silicon Valley-like […]

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