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Greece plunder escalates as country sells assets

First the banksters impoverished Greece, now they are stripping it of assets, all in the name of “austerity”, which in reality translates to more money for the 1% and less for everyone else. The banksters played a major role in the collapse of our economic system through their securitization of garbage mortgages, outright criminality and […]

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Say hello to Miss Greek Crisis 2012

  You just can’t make up stories like this, a beauty pageant titled Miss Greek Crisis. Anastasia Katmertzi, who was named Miss Crisis 2012 in a pageant held in Greece, says “I wish I was named Miss Spring or anything similar instead, and that Greece exits the financial crisis soon.” We look forward to similar […]

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Eurozone. Germany, Greece play chicken

It may be a holiday weekend in the US but in Europe, the Eurozone is disintegrating. We are watching history unfold as we barbecue  burgers here. Greek Euro exit may exceed 1 trillion euros and would be “unmanageable” The European Central Bank’s exposure to Greek liabilities is more than twice as big as the ECB’s capital Niall […]

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Greece will leave Eurozone, says German press

From tomorrow’s edition of Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachricthen: “The Greece-exit is a done deal: According to the German economic news from financial circles EU and the ECB have abandoned the motherland of democracy as a euro member. The reason is, interestingly, not in the upcoming elections – these are basically become irrelevant. The EU has finally […]

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Greece tells Eurozone and banksters to stuff it

Game on. Greece is about to do an Iceland and tell the banker thugs to go screw themselves. Good. The sooner our rotten, corrupt international banking system is forced to restructure and their diseased, parasitic entities are given the opportunity to fail, the better it will be for the rest of us. With a bit […]

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Acropolis Now. Greek debt crisis

From those wild-eyed alarmists at The Economist. The Greek debt crisis is spreading. Europe needs a bolder, broader solution—and quickly. The Eurozone is crumbling as JPM shows huge and growing losses for reckless trading. People get ready, the financial system is about to become unhinged again. This time, let’s jail the bankers, ok?

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