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Banksters ready to loot Greece again in another “bailout”

Previous riot in Greece.

Previous riot in Greece.

Banksters will lend more money to Greece to enable it to pay back money previously lent to it by banksters. Any dribble from this money actually helping Greece is purely accidental as is any resemblance of this plan to sanity. Instead, further onerous conditions will be forced upon Greece. Banksters will attempt to grab whatever carrion is left, perhaps by “privatizing” state-owned buildings and services or buying assets for pennies on the dollar.

That said, by now nobody cares as pretty much everyone has figured out the game, which will continue on its unsustainable path until one day it no longer can.

The lent money will of course can never be paid back. Sooner or later, Greece will default and the house of cards financial structure corrupt and inept bankers have created in Europe will come crumbling down.

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Banksters setting up Greece for more plunder and pain


Greece currently is paying back bailout debts to banksters using money loaned to it by banksters to pay off its debts. Such derangement can not long continue of course. Greece will run out of money to service debt sometime this year and will either need yet another bailout or to do what Iceland did and repudiate the debt.

The debt gives the banksters huge leverage to pillage and privatize, stripping Greece country of resources while further enriching their own corrupt fortunes, all in the name of “austerity.”

The scam works like this: bailout money is allegedly given to Greece, but Greece cannot really touch it. Instead the money goes right back to the Troika for interest and capital payments, with perhaps a miniscule portion finally getting to Greece.

One reason for the rise of the fascist Golden Dawn in Greece is they are one of the few political parties overtly opposing the banksters. “Kill bankers not yourselves,” they say.

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Greece plunder escalates as country sells assets


First the banksters impoverished Greece, now they are stripping it of assets, all in the name of “austerity”, which in reality translates to more money for the 1% and less for everyone else. The banksters played a major role in the collapse of our economic system through their securitization of garbage mortgages, outright criminality and fraud, and corrupting governments as well as buying Greek bonds they knew damn well were junk, rightfully assuming governments would bail them out should the bonds go south. And they were right. The financial mafia of interlinking big banks and government officials has made sure the rest of us will pay for their sins and greed. Or so they hope.

Greece orders faster sale of its assets

Greece accepts $31 million bid for island plot

Greece looks to spin off part of state power firm

Greek banks investigated for loans to ruling parties

Future slavery for Greece

Sooner or later this kind of plunder will result in serious social unrest, maybe an overthrown government, and quite possibly nationalization of what the banksters thought they’d stolen for pennies.

Greek Isles cut off from mainland for sixth day as strikes return with a vengeance

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Broke Greeks burn wood for heat while banksters profit

Austerity is good for Greece, say the banksters, as they continue to rape that country in order to be paid back in full on bonds they bought and loans they made which they knew were almost as much bottom-dwelling junk as they are. The result of this austerity is Athens is now filled with smoke as residents burn wood (and chop down forests) for heat since they have deliberately been impoverished and can no longer afford heating oil.

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Say hello to Miss Greek Crisis 2012


Miss Greek Crisis 2012. Maybe she won a wheelbarrow full of worthless bonds?

You just can’t make up stories like this, a beauty pageant titled Miss Greek Crisis.

Anastasia Katmertzi, who was named Miss Crisis 2012 in a pageant held in Greece, says “I wish I was named Miss Spring or anything similar instead, and that Greece exits the financial crisis soon.”

We look forward to similar themed pageants, like Miss Best Bankruptcy and Miss Debt Slavery.

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Eurozone. Germany, Greece play chicken

It may be a holiday weekend in the US but in Europe, the Eurozone is disintegrating. We are watching history unfold as we barbecue  burgers here.

Greek Euro exit may exceed 1 trillion euros and would be “unmanageable”

The European Central Bank’s exposure to Greek liabilities is more than twice as big as the ECB’s capital

Niall Ferguson: “Greece is the symptom not the cause

Germany walks away from Greece

Forbes tries to be humorous but admits this is just the opening skirmishes in the inevitable crumbling of the Eurozone.

Germany and Greece play chicken in demolition derby, Euro smashed

It’s the European Demolition Derby. Smash! Crash! Crunch! Whack! Fenders banged up. Radiators steaming. Tires flattened. Greece and Germany are playing chicken. Greece presses down the accelerator and heads for Germany.

“If you force us out of the euro, all of Europe will go up in flames,” say the Greeks.

“Oh, Ja?” say the Germans, turning on the speed in their Mercedes

The most likely outcome is that the various cars will indeed smash into each other.

Market Ticker on the loathsome Christine Lagarde, IMF head and her plutocrat insistence that countries be destroyed so banksters can become wealthier even though they knew they were making garbage loans.

[Greece] should start by placing all the bonds they issued and which LaGarde’s IMF, along with the other banksters, lent upon into the paper shredder and send the bits to the ECB and LaGarde via FedEx. After all every one of these institutions was part and parcel of increasing credit into their economy at a greater rate than GDP, and thus was fully aware they were effectively counterfeiting Euros into the Greek economy.

That this action was legal doesn’t change the moral depravity of the act, nor does it excuse those who committed it from the consequences.

Trying to appeal to the morality of the banksters is pointless as they don’t have any. If they did, they wouldn’t deliberately be destroying countries.

The consequence, incidentally, is that you lose your money as you don’t get repaid, and the bogus nature of your claimed “asset valuations” and lack of capital behind your positions is exposed.

It called capitalism, something the banksters profess to believe but by their actions, clearly don’t. Their corrupt, diseases entities continue to shamble upon by looting governments and populations.

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Greece will leave Eurozone, says German press

From tomorrow’s edition of Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachricthen: “The Greece-exit is a done deal: According to the German economic news from financial circles EU and the ECB have abandoned the motherland of democracy as a euro member. The reason is, interestingly, not in the upcoming elections – these are basically become irrelevant. The EU has finally realized that the Greeks have not met any agreements and will not continue not to meet them. A banker: “We helped with the Toika. The help of the troika was tied to conditions. Greece has fulfilled none of the conditions, and has been for months now.”

The troika is composed of unelected ex-Goldman executives who want to financially rape Greece to further enrich the bankers, who knew damn well the loans they made were junk and should never have been made. The populace of Greece, who had nothing to do with the loans, is being forced to pay for the sins and crimes of others in the name of a bogus “austerity.” So, for a banker to whine that they tried to help Greece is sactimonious, self-serving rubbish.

Greece stops paying pharmacies, who are now charging full-price.

The Eurozone banksters are very sorry that granny in Greece may not be able to afford her meds so that the reckless, garbage loans they forced on Greece can be repaid. But really, what’s a few dead grandmothers in comparison to extortion-like loans being repaid so that a corrupt tiny few can further enrich themselves.

A Greek exit is very bad news for Obama and could seriously threaten his reelection.

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Greece tells Eurozone and banksters to stuff it

Game on. Greece is about to do an Iceland and tell the banker thugs to go screw themselves. Good.

The sooner our rotten, corrupt international banking system is forced to restructure and their diseased, parasitic entities are given the opportunity to fail, the better it will be for the rest of us. With a bit of luck, we may even be able to put some of these “bankers” in prison.

The head of the Radical Left Coalition in Greece says Greece can survive internally and pay all its bills by the simple expedient of defaulting on their debt and nationalizing the banks.

Now what’s left for the rest of Europe? They’ve got a problem — a big problem. By nationalizing the banking system he flushes the private parties that would otherwise play “hand grenade” with the economy and government.

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Greece central bank warns of depositor anxiety AKA bank runs

Bank run 1933

“Provopoulos told me that of course there’s no panic but there’s great fear which can evolve into panic,” he said.

The panic will be coming soon enough.

Pimco says 17-nation Euro currency union will not last

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Acropolis Now. Greek debt crisis

From those wild-eyed alarmists at The Economist.

The Greek debt crisis is spreading. Europe needs a bolder, broader solution—and quickly.

The Eurozone is crumbling as JPM shows huge and growing losses for reckless trading. People get ready, the financial system is about to become unhinged again. This time, let’s jail the bankers, ok?

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