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Gmail addresses and the dots within them – I don’t want your email

I get a festive and constant assortment of Gmail meant for another Bob Morris, including family pictures, financial information, gossip, whatever. People, I don’t care about your BBQ plans! Really, I don’t. Nor do I want to be on your listservs for insurance agents or agricultural products. Sigh.

Part of the problem is my name is common. People make errors and don’t get the correct email address, which might be something like bobjmorris@gmail.com.

Gmail makes this worse by not recognizing dots in an email address name. Thus, bobmorris@gmail.com is the same as my actual email address, bob.morris@gmail.com, to Gmail. You can see the problem. People get an email address wrong, put in bobmorris, and it all comes to me. Generally there are dozens each month. I filter them into a folder called “Wrong Bob Morris” which I inspect occasionally in case the email might be important and they should be notified.

People worry about privacy on the net. There’s even less privacy when you sent email to the wrong person.

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Find Big Mail locates big Gmail emails

FindBigMail is free, doesn’t need your Gmail password, and quickly creates a coupld of new folders with your biggest Gmails in them. I discovered several with attachments over 20 MB that were old and not needed.

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You can now make phone calls inside GMail

Calls within the US and Canada are free until the end of the year. (Not available in all countries yet.)

Mobile developers think Google+ will challenge Facebook

In addition to Google Plus’ impact on mobile growth and adoption, developers also said they believed Google Plus could catch up to Facebook in the long-term. Two-thirds said that the new social network would be an asset for Google in gaining mindshare among consumers and developers alike.

I agree. Google has been on a massive roll lately. The other behemoth is Apple. Microsoft is slipping badly because they are PC-based and the future is multiple devices and storing data in the cloud. Facebook will always be huge but after using Google+ for a few weeks, Facebook seems a bit, well, creaky. Plus it filters what you see, something I find highly annoying. G+ doesn’t do that, you always see all posts from everyone.

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Easy unsubscribing in GMail

From the GMail Blog.

If you want to unsubscribe…, click “show details” in the top-right corner of the message, then click “Unsubscribe from this sender.”

GMail will then send the unsubscribe request for you. This only works for legitimate listservs. For spammers, do just that. Mark it as spam.

Unsubscribe.com does more that what GMail does, and will unsub you from most any mailing list. Their Unsubscribe for GMail add-on has one-click unsubscribing with 5 free per month or unlimited for $19.95 per year. It also works on Yahoo, AOL, and Hotmail.

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Cloud Magic. Super fast search for GMail

Cloud Magic is a free plugin for Firefox and Chrome that delivers instant searches in GMail. I mean, it’s lightning fast, and will soon support Google Docs, Hotmail, and Yahoo too.

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So you want to be a GMail ninja?

gmail ninja

Well then, get their guide that tells you how.

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