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Sustainable hydrogen fuel from spinach and sunlight

Researchers at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee have confirmed a system for converting visible light into hydrogen fuel based on an ordinary, off-the-shelf ingredient from the produce section of a local market: spinach.

Fuel cells run on hydrogen. Given a cheap reliable source of hydrogen, they could power cars, homes, offie buildings and much more – with zero emissions too.

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Underground hydrogen streams as power for fuel cells

The theory is that it is possible to drill for hydrogen streams approximately 1/2 miles under the Earth’s surface to tap into these streams.

Such underground hyrogen streams exist in the US as well as Russia. If tapped, they could provide enormous amounts of hydrogen to be used to power fuel cells.

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Japan plans adoption of fuel cell vehicles by 2015

The Japanese government is working towards a steady supply of high grade hydroden and researchers have developed a low-cost replacement for platinum and palladium, which are used by fuel cells to create electicity.

Being a large island smaller than the state of California, Japan is perfectly poised for this type of venture. Much less infrastructure will need to be built in comparison to say the United States or European Union to support hydrogen cars and Japan is right on track to make this conversion happen.

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Hydrogen from concentrated solar

A new technique creates hydrogen at much high efficiency from concentrated solar. The hydrogen can then be used to power fuel cells and create energy.

The researchers involved specifically designed the hardware to be easy to manufacture in bulk and incorporate into a industrial-size facility, so it seems to be a serious attempt at getting something that could be tested in a real-world deployment.

If so, then this would be another way that solar power could be stored for later use.

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Excess wind power to create hydrogen to power Danish town

The island of Lolland in Denmark was generating 50% more power than it needd from wind turbines. Under a visionary plan, that power is phased in to split water into hydrogen and water, then use the hydrogen to power fuel cells. When the plan is complete, an entire town will get electricity and power from the fuel cells. This will be 100% renewable, carbon neutral energy. Wow.

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Fuel cell laptop that runs on water

A new process for generating hydrogen from water could make water-powered laptops feasible. The process produces hydrogen on demand at very low pressure, and the company says is cheaper than standard batteries.

“Flight attendant, could I have some water, please? My laptop needs recharging.”

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$20 solar to hydrogen conversion system

The system can use water from any source, be it river water, sea water or even waste water. The company claims to that the system is highly efficient and is capable of powering a house with only two bottles of water from ‘any source’.

Tata, the huge company from India is seriously interested and has put up $9.5 million in funding.

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Water treatment plant produces own energy from waste

The San Jose/Santa Clara Water Pollution Control Plant currently creates two-thirds of its energy from methane from digesters and landfills. They just signed an agreement with FuelCell Energy for a 1.4 MW fuel cell system powered by biogas from their own treatment process.

Fuel cells operate 24/7 with virtually no emissions. Imagine the cost reductions and cleaner air that would result if all wastewater plants did the same. The more that power can be produced locally, the better.

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Fedex switches to hydrogen forklifts

Not only is indoor air quality vastly improved with hydrogen forklifts, you can fill them up in less than a minute, which sure beats waiting hours for an electric forklift to charge

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Fuel cell fork lifts

Sysco has deployed 98 Plugpower fuel cell units to power electric lift trucks. Drivers can re-fuel in less than two minutes and there are no batteries.

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