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Fracking uses enormous amounts of water in our driest areas

Fracking uses upwards of millions of gallons of water per well in ten of thousands of wells, often in the driest parts of the country. This is deranged. Short-term profits are being allowed to create long-term damage to water supplies and communities. The water used in fracking is mixed with various noxious and dangerous chemicals, poisoning […]

Home builders keep mineral rights to homes they sell

When you buy a new house, make sure the builder doesn’t retain the mineral rights, otherwise you might get fracked. In some states, builders do not have to disclose this and if they do, it may be buried deep within the contract. Homeowners, once they find out they don’t own the earth under their feet, […]

Is geothermal fracking the same as natural gas fracking?

Geothermal power plants product renewable energy 24/7. New techniques for getting at geothermal heat deep in the earth are similar to natural gas fracking, but is it as harmful? Altenergy Stocks looks at the issues in a level-headed, deatailed article. Advocates for both natural gas and geothermal are up in arms over whether fracking for […]

Fracking debris too radioactive for waste site

Just because fracking debris was so radioactive that even a waste site didn’t want it is NO REASON to get alarmed and start whining like a girly man ecoterrorist that fracking could imperil water supplies or endanger human health. Really. Fracking is perfectly safe. The government and big business tells us so, therefore it must […]

Fracking may be blocked in California, judge rules BLM permits illegal

BLM said the effects of fracking were unknown when it granted four permits in California in 2011. A judge has ruled “this is precisely why proper investigation was so crucial in this case” as says the permits are illegal. Fracking opponents in California have won what may be their first victory in court, with a […]

Gov. Jerry Brown hearts fracking, hates environmental regulations

Not only is California Governor Jerry Brown, along with the federal government, intent on paving over the Mojave Desert with photovoltaic solar farms, Brown is also deliberately ignoring laws protectING  the environment so more fracking can occur. Did I say “paving over the Mojave”? Why, yes I did. The feds have offered incentives on 285,000 acres of […]

The renewable energy bubble has burst

The renewable energy bubble was just another sector to be exploited by financial interests who had had no real interest in the companies themselves. This is made worse by the viciously mercenary renewed interest in natural gas, oil, and fracking, which is also hurting development of grid-scale renewable energy. Between money leaving renewable energy and […]

Damn the risks. Full fracking ahead!

The mad rush to extract oil and gas from shale by fracking is on. Fears of earthquakes or contaminated water are ridiculed. Let the Bull Moose in Heat rampaging towards shale deposits begin. And all those Greenies with their dreams of a renewable energy future can go suck eggs. Nigel Lawson, Sec of Energy under […]

Imagine there’s no fracking

Sign the petition at Artists Against Fracking asking Gov. Cuomo not approve a fracking bill that will allow 50,000-100,000 gas wells in New York, something which will almost certainly harm the water supply. Why is fracking dangerous? Aquifer. To drill down to the shale, one must drill through the aquifer. These drills are known to […]

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