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How Detroit went broke. It didn’t have to happen

The Detroit Free Press (a mainstream newspaper) has a sobering in depth look at why their beloved city is bankrupt. It’s the usual culprits. Politicians who spent recklessly, took on huge debt, gave themselves and public workers huge pensions, and hired more and more employees. Wall Street aided and abetted the problem, giving the junkie […]

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State of Michigan takes over Detroit

To paraphrase the MC5, ‘The Motor City’s collapsing, people.’ Or, to put it another way, when the US economy catches a cold, Detroit gets pneumonia. Michigan will be appointing an emergency financial manager for Detroit, citing a financial emergency. Let’s not forget, Detroit gave us the greatest soul music ever, amazing high energy rock and […]

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Urban farming. Glasgow to Detroit

Glasgow2Detroit Trailer from Away Ye Grow on Vimeo. Don MacKeen, an Amercian expat in Glasgow mailed me about his documentary Detroit to Glasgow, which is about urban farming and creating new futures in post-industrial cities. Just came across your website tonight – your Saul Alinsky article – and thought you might be interested in a […]

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Investors buying up Detroit land to convert to farms

Hantz Farms plans to farm up to 5,000 acres in Detroit. Others are doing the same on a smaller scale too. Abandoned factories could be used for hydroponic growing “People look at these abandoned houses and think, ‘No one could live there. Let’s tear it down,’ ” said Score, a former business development consultant for […]

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Bulldozing cities to save them

In Detroit, shattered by the woes of the US car industry, there are already plans to split it into a collection of small urban centres separated from each other by countryside. Maybe they could have urban gardens and wind turbines in the countryside areas. Seriously. I recall that a Detroit city council member did in […]

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Artists buying $100 homes in Detroit

That’s how it always begins. Artists move into a decimated area, start fixing it up, and that brings more people. Then of course, ten years later they all have to move because the area has been gentrified and the rents are too high! In a way, a strange, new American dream can be found here, […]

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Detroit map shows major empty areas

Sue discovered this last night on Google maps. Many areas of Detroit now have vacant land where buildings used to be. Unless the trend is reversed, people and business will continue to leave and the process will accelerate. I went to college in Michigan. I want Detroit to come back. It’s given us (at least […]

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