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Decentralized groups and security. Anonymous hacked

Hackers, quite possibly from the government, replaced Anonymous DDOS software available for download with a version that steals passwords. What we’re learning here is that there’s a serious flaw in how Anonymous works. By being so amorphous and disparate, there is no control over the members of the group. Incidents like this can easily happen […]

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LulzSec leader informs on Anonymous

Usually the authorities infiltrate a group by starting with low-ranking members then moving their way up the food chain. This time they apparently began with the head of LulzSec “the de facto King of Anonymous” and he sang like a birdie to save himself from prison. That’s right—the man who helped the internet celebrate #FuckFBIFridays was doing […]

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Anonymous posts open letter to US citizens

Excerpts: To effectively reform the system that has enslaved us, we must consider following the advice and example of those who have preceded us. Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, and JFK are good places to start. All took fierce positions against central banking, government corruption and corporate power. The time has come […]

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Empire State Rebellion: An idea whose time has come

This video was posted by Anonymous. They are planning something major and it’s aimed directly at Wall Street. Let’s not forget when private security / gov’t spook company HBGary recently boasted they could take down Anonymous, they ended up getting disemboweled by Anonymous instead, who broke into their supposedly secure servers and distributed their highly […]

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HBGary. Down the rabbit hole. And don’t mess with Anonymous

I’ve been remiss on posting about the escalating HBGary scandal. They’re a shadowy cybersecurity company who pitched clients like BofA on how they could destroy Wikileaks for them. Their CEO boasted they could take down Anonymous and instead the company got their head handed to them on a platter. Forbes Last week, the hacker group […]

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Anonymous: Spread the Wikileaks cables far and wide

This change in tactics shows increasing sophistication and could actually hit much harder than symbolic shutting down of websites. LOIC is “Low Orbit Ion Cannon,” which is open source software used in DDOS attacks. Boing Boing This new mission, apparently, is to actually read the cables Wikileaks has published and find the most interesting bits […]

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