Iot devices lack security says open source cloud provider

IoT security

The Internet of Things, due to an appalling lack of security, is indeed a disaster waiting to happen. The recent ginormous DDOS attacks were almost entirely launched from hacked IoT devices. Has your thermostat joined the dark side? How will you even know if it has?

IoT vendors should assume their devices will be found and intrusions will be attempted. Their devices need to protect against this. Further, open source code can be used anywhere. The open source code you wrote for use in your house might be used elsewhere. Is the code bullet-proof? Probably not.

Insanely, many IoT devices routinely give the device full root privileges. That means if a hacker can access the device, they can probably access the entire system. The device should only be permitted to do certain things.

From New Stack, a consortium of open source cloud software supported by dozens of companies, including IBM and Intel.

Assume that every chip you deploy in the field is going to be fully available to anyone who has access to it, summarized Stephen Blum, founder and CEO of hosted app provider PubNub, in the panel.

It should contain no secrets, no hidden access, no keys to anything. It doesn’t matter where the chip will be deployed. “For chips,” he said, “Physical access is full access.”

“If you think just because your software is on a chip, that they can’t get it off of there, you are mistaken. If you think that someone will never be able to understand your custom vertical, you are mistaken. If you think no one will ever find that hidden account you have in there to do debugging or to access to certain features that you don’t want your customers to get access to, you are certainly mistaken.”

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Squatters trashing foreclosed / abandoned homes in Vegas

Squatters are becoming a serious problem in some parts of Las Vegas, illegally moving into abandoned and foreclosed homes. Sometimes the problem is so serious that entire condo complexes are overrun. (One does have to wonder why the HOAs and management companies are apparently unable to do anything to stop it.) Casa Vegas was once […]

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On the ground Clinton campaign organizing

I’ve been volunteering with the Clinton campaign here in Vegas. It is a full throttle GOTV operation. Several of the staffers are in their twenties and were brought in from out-of-state. Some have been here since May. All of then routinely work 10-12 hours day 7 days a week. Considering the Republican Party is fractured […]

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Largest power plants worldwide are hydroelectric

Hydroelectric is the quiet workhorse of electricity generation. The nine biggest power plants in the world are hydroelectric. Three Gorges in China is the biggest by far, with a capacity of 22.5 GW. (One gigawatt can roughly power 725,000 homes in the US, probably more in China.) The Kashiwazaki-Kariwa nuclear power plant in Japan has […]

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Colerain OH Memorial Park, situate where hardly any one will go to

Colerain Township is sadly an example of a broke city

Colerain Township in Ohio essentially is broke, even as it might not realize it yet. Many properties are closed on Colerain Avenue. It was booming in the 1950s, a desirable place to live. However, new suburbs have displaced it, tax revenue is declining, infrastructure needs expensive maintenance, and pension debt is problematic. Granola Shotgun has […]

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