Protests growing for J20 in DC. Anarchists, Marxists, normals

Anarchists will be in DC for the Inauguration as well as ANSWER (Marxist, although careful to hide it), Woman’s March (resolutely non-violent), and many more.

Some of the protesting groups that will be in DC are barely speaking to each other, so all you alt-right hysterics squealing about how we work in concert and are funded by Soros are comically inaccurate. I mean, the anarchist / Marxist split is the oldest and most implacable rupture on the hard left.

It does appear the various protests will be huge and Trump has the lowest positive ratings ever, by far, for an incoming president. That means he is highly vulnerable so the protests need to be unending, coming from multiple directions, and targeted.

He will fall.

From an anarchist site:

Above all, when we resist Trump and all politicians on January 20, whether in DC or in our own communities, we’re not just fighting to shut down business as usual. We’re fighting to define what it will mean to be against Trump in the years to come. Will our energy be diverted into rallying support for Democrats or raising money for nonprofits? Or will we build towards a world beyond all parties and politicians? Can our opposition to Trump transcend single issues and undermine the legitimacy of capitalism and the state altogether?

On January 20, we will take to the streets. But what we do in the months and years beyond the inauguration will determine the nature of resistance the world that made Trump possible.”

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Jared Kushner used his populism as a campaign strategy

Jared Kushner had populist leanings and mistrusted the monied class he was born into. This was long before the Trump campaign. Kushner played a major role in developing strategy and tactics for the Trump campaign, using his populist leanings to help elect Trump. Meanwhile, Hillary tried to attract moderate suburban Republicans and was almost completely tone-deaf to […]

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Saul Alinsky

As opposition to Trump grows, Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals are relevant

Bring continual pressure. Never stop fighting. Turn negatives into positives. Always have a constructive alternative. From Alinsky: The tenth rule: The major premise for tactics is the development of operations that will maintain a constant pressure upon the opposition. It is this unceasing pressure that results in the reactions from the opposition that are essential […]

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Escalating cyber war: Living in a cyberpunk novel

Obama’s tepid response to the DNC hack and to Russia trying to influence the election may lead others, particularly China, to assume they can hack into U.S. systems without much blowback. All of this is complicated by the very nature of cyberspace. A huge DDOS attack against a US company coming from servers in China […]

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