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Ginormous next-gen offshore wind turbines coming


Huge offshore wind turbines are coming to market. Each turbine can generate 7-8 MW, enough for 4,000-5,000 homes. The SCD 8 MW behemoth is pictured. It has a rotor diameter of 551 feet and an innovative two blade design, which makes transporting and assembling easier, plus the gearbox is smaller. The blades lock into place horizontally when winds are too high or to allow a helicopter to land on top.

The advantages of two-bladed rotors are for a start the much lighter rotor weight of approx. 70% that of a comparable three-bladed rotor, less torque and consequently a smaller gearbox, the hub design is simpler to produce, there are only two pitch systems and above all there is a noticeable drop in assembly, transport, installation and maintenance expenses. Especially offshore applications are simplified due to the only one turbine lifting stroke. For regions with tropical cyclones, the ultimate loads can be reduced considerably through the horizontal parking position. Furthermore, this parking position makes it possible to install a helicopter landing pad.

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Wind turbines kill birds, especially in California, however…


California wind turbines kill more birds per megawatt than elsewhere. No one is quite sure why. Disturbingly, data from Altamont Pass wind farms, notorious for bird kills, was not included. However, even in California the mortality rate of birds from turbines is far less than from windows, cats, and communications towers.

California’s newest wind turbines may be killing more than 100,000 birds a year, according to a peer-reviewed study to be published in December. Those mortalities seem to climb the taller wind turbines get. And California wind turbines kill more wildlife per megawatt than identical turbines in other parts of the country.

Other studies have shown far lower kill rates.

Duke Energy is paying $1 million fine in a criminal case, admitting they installed wind turbines in a way they knew would bill birds.

The American Bird Conservancy, a nonprofit group that supports protections for bird habitats, said that the plea agreement was a positive step toward addressing bird deaths caused by the wind industry, but that federal officials needed to do more to address violations by other companies.

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Japan installs floating wind turbine offshore from Fukushima

Twenty kilometers offshore from Fukushima is an experimental floating wind turbine. It is connected the the world’s first floating substation. If tests go well, 140 floating turbines, which are tethered to the ocean floor, will be installed, generating a gigawatt of power. This is the equal of some coal and nuclear plants.

The first prototype Fukushima wind turbine has already weathered an earthquake, small tsunami and typhoons in October—all before the turbine and substation are scheduled to begin full operation in November.

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Mini wind turbine generates power in light winds, mimics dragonfly


An innovative new design in wind turbines is being tested and is aimed at the home or small business market. Designed to be inconspicuous, the Dragonfly can produce electricity even in very light winds. Also, big wind turbines can afford electronics or special designs that shut down the turbine if wind speeds get too high. Small turbines haven’t been able to do that, until now. However, the dragonfly apparently can.

The turbine has been designed to have a minimal visual impact and has only two blades, rather than the more usual three. when the turbine is not turning, the blades align vertically with the mast. in the total absence of wind, the turbine is capable of blending perfectly into the surrounding environment, being reduced to the slim vertical line of the tower

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Big corporations increasingly generating own power with microgrids

Rooftop Solar

Between rooftop solar for homeowners and big companies building microgrids, traditional power utilities are facing a major threat to their traditional monopolistic ways of doing business. We don’t need them nearly so much as we used to. It makes sense for big companies to have control over some or all of their power. Microgrid technology allows companies to easily switch between their own solar, fuel cell, or wind power and that coming from the utility. Smart utilities are gearing up to meet this huge change in distribution of power. Dinosaur utilities will fight it – and lose.

The 3,200 U.S. utilities are already facing what NRG Energy Inc. CEO David Crane calls a “mortal threat” to the industry. Forces including deregulation, green politics and an explosion of rooftop solar and other homemade energy — known as distributed generation — mean a reduction in the fossil-fuel electricity utilities sell.

Microgrids may be the mechanism through which this revolution in clean distributed generation will be carried out – – a portal for leaving the traditional power grid.

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Renewable energy in Calif. faces supply problems, says grid operator



California’s mandated push to at least 33% renewable energy by 2020 faces supply problems for six months each year when the sun sets earlier, says the California Independent System Operator. Their ‘Duck Chart’ shows the problem. More power is needed in late afternoon / early evening, when people return home from work. However, for six months each year, that’s precisely when solar power production drops. And if wind isn’t blowing at wind farms, the problem gets worse. If more renewable energy is added, then there will probably be excess capacity during the other six months.

Of particular concern to the ISO are three-hour periods when the sun goes down in January, February and March and in October, November and December of each year (called “shoulder months” by the ISO). In a future state energy system that is half green, it would no longer be the peak hot months of the summer or an unusual winter cold snap that would present the risk of blackouts or rolling brownouts. Instead, it would be the sunset period of each day during moderate temperature months that is likely to present a critical challenge to the reliability of electricity for customers.

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World’s largest offshore wind turbine installed off Scotland. 7 MW!

One blade for the turbine. Credit:

One blade for the turbine. Credit:

A behemoth Samsung Heavy Industries’ 7 MW wind turbine is being installed 65 feet offshore in Scotland. It has a walkway to people can gape at the 640 ft tall structure, which can power 6,000-10,000 homes.

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Deep offshore wind farms significantly cheaper than solar

offshore wind

Europe and the United Kingdom already have huge offshore wind farms. Several gigawatts more are planned by 2020. Costs are dropping dramatically due to constantly improving technology and economies of scale.

Studies indicate that building floating turbines in deeper waters off Europe’s coasts will improve wind energy’s yield and could cut offshore wind costs.

These studies are relevant in light of Deepwater Wind CEO Jeffrey Grybowski’s claiming that offshore wind is “significantly less expensive than solar energy.”

Meanwhile, back in the sticks in the US, we’ve yet to install a single, solitary offshore wind turbine. Not one. Pathetic isn’t it?

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Texas has so much wind power it’s cutting into utilities profits


Dinosaur utility companies unwilling or unable to change are getting slammed by the fast-dropping price and expanding availability of solar energy and wind power. Relying on coal and nuclear is no longer feasible for utilities. Instead, it’s change or die. Texas is spending almost $7 billion to expand their grid, bringing wind power for rural areas to the cities. Traditional utility companies are getting hit hard.

“The transmission is finally there in Texas to bring all the wind power to the population centers and it’s a disaster for the generation companies,” Andy DeVries, an analyst at CreditSights Inc., said in a telephone interview.

Traditional power companies across the U.S. and Europe are struggling to compete in wholesale markets with newer generators supplying subsidized wind and solar energy. In Texas, wind has more than doubled in the past six years and now makes up 13 percent of the state’s generation capacity.

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Hybrid offshore wind turbine and current power

swid wind current turbine

Now this is different! A three blade vertical offshore wind turbine combined with an underwater current turbine. It’ll be tested soon in Japan. This isn’t wave or tidal power, it’s current power. Has this ever be done before? Plus, the underwater turbine can power the wind turbine.

Combining a three-bladed Darrieus turbine on top, a Savonius turbine underneath, and a generator in between, the SKWID power generation concept is claimed to be the world’s first hybrid system “capable of maximizing the harvesting of ocean energy from wind and current“.

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