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This will never be off Nantucket now. The US still has no offshore wind.

Elitist NIMBYs manage to delay Cape Wind again

Deep pocket elitists (hi there, Kennedy Clan!) posing as very concerned environmentalists have managed to throw yet another roadblock against Cape Wind. They of course deeply care about renewable energy, so as long as they never have to view an icky wind turbine miles offshore. What would this do to property values? Oh the horror. […]

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Wind turbines kill birds, especially in California, however…

California wind turbines kill more birds per megawatt than elsewhere. No one is quite sure why. Disturbingly, data from Altamont Pass wind farms, notorious for bird kills, was not included. However, even in California the mortality rate of birds from turbines is far less than from windows, cats, and communications towers. California’s newest wind turbines […]

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Rooftop Solar

Big corporations increasingly generating own power with microgrids

Between rooftop solar for homeowners and big companies building microgrids, traditional power utilities are facing a major threat to their traditional monopolistic ways of doing business. We don’t need them nearly so much as we used to. It makes sense for big companies to have control over some or all of their power. Microgrid technology allows companies to […]

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