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El Nino so far has not produced enough rain

California snowpack is at 83% of normal, an improvement over recent years to be sure, but not a drought buster yet. March may be rainy in California. Let’s hope so. But even that probably won’t result in more than normal rainfall for a parched state. By contrast, Colorado is out of drought, which is welcome […]

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Unintended consequences of water conservation in California

Californians have been so successful at saving water through conservation and low-flush toilets that the average flow into waste water systems is 50 gallons a day. However, the systems were designed for 120 gallons a day. Reduced amounts of water flowing through sewers means waste solids can sit in the pipes, corroding them, as well […]

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Renewable energy 24/7 from turbines in water pipes

Rentricity has the novel idea to put turbines in water pipes where the water flows downhill, providing a 24/7 source of renewable energy. Drinking, irrigation, and industrial water users are their target market. This is micro-hydro, small amounts of electricity is generated. However, it can be enough to help power a water treatment plant, as […]

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OTEC renewable energy development continues

Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion doesn’t get much notice. However, especially for islands, it is a reliable way to generate renewable energy 24/7. OTEC creates electricity by using the difference in temperature between cold water at lower depths and warm water at the top, and can generate prodigious amounts of power. Makai Ocean Engineering says all […]

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Flint water crisis perhaps cannot be solved

David Zetland, water policy expert, on the disastrous problem with Flint MI water supply. He’s known for thinking outside the box and says, pay each household in Flint to move to Detroit, to help resurrect that city. Because Flint is probably too far gone to save. Someone asked my opinion on the situation in Flint. […]

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California aqueduct

Complexity and vulnerability in water supplies

All water in Dubai is desalinated and they apparently don’t reclaim and reuse. By contrast, buildings in Chinese coastal cities have two sets of plumbing, with salt water being used for toilets. This makes sense, why use drinkable water for purposes that don’t need it? California has a sprawling system whereby much of the southern […]

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