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Smart city infrastructure easily hacked. How reassuring

We’re moving towards a Glorious Future indeed where the Internet of Things, burbling full of useful data and talking to itself, guides and informs our decisions. And what a grand time it will be, when traffic lights automatically adjust to traffic flow, insuring tranquil driving conditions and fewer traffic jams. Except of course, if someone […]

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Half heads

Half-heads in American politics include Bernie Sanders

Half-heads have intensely selective focus, only look at one part of a problem, and think they look at everything. For example, one can be anti-militarist while being pro-imperialist. Or think Wall Street is the problem while paying little attention to the Pentagon. The reality is, we have a “‘triangle of power,’ linking corporations, executive government, […]

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Peter Santilli not a journalist due to anti-government views?

Everyone should be troubled by the government’s view that those opposing it are threats, can never be journalists, and thus do not have protections that mass media journalists get. Peter Santilli has been¬†indicted for his roles in the Bunkerville standoff and Malheur National Wildlife Refuge occupation. He says he has a radio show with 65,000 […]

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Voting booth

On voter fraud and falsifying voter records

Can elections be stolen and rigged? Sure. However, falsifying voter registrations in bulk to influence a result is not only real iffy, I’m not even sure it can be done. Here’s why. 1) The voter registrations would need to be tampered with continually, starting early on. Yes, many state voter registration systems are ancient. They […]

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Autonomous Google Prius

Test-driving autonomous vehicles for safety is not practical

Rand Corporation says autonomous vehicles would need to be test-driven hundreds of millions of miles to determine reliability and safety. Clearly, that’s not possible, and even if it was, would not conclusively prove safety. Thus, alternative methods need to be created and regulations for autonomous vehicles should be flexible and adaptive. Under even aggressive testing […]

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Flamin Groovies then

Flamin’ Groovies. A great rock band you never heard of

The Flamin’ Groovies formed in 1965, recorded several excellent albums, are now viewed as a precursor of punk, influenced a bazillion bands, toured for most of the 1970s, then blew up after too much cocaine and too many years living out of suitcases. They barely spoke for 30 years, then said forget what happened, let’s […]

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A strange, weird, contentious election. Maybe a harbinger too

This is the strangest presidential election in U.S. history. Internal factions in both parties are snarling at each other. Neither party is listening much to what the other says, except for possible ammo to attack it with. Candidates who usually would be third party (Trump and Sanders) are making serious runs. Discontent bordering on rebellion […]

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Autonomous vehicles will primarily benefit business

Big businesses, especially those with fleets of trucks really want to eliminate pesky human drivers and replace them with autonomous vehicles that don’t take breaks, belong to unions, or ask for more money. Uber is very excited by this possibility too. Driverless trucks are already legal in Nevada and are being tested. Once the technology […]

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