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NYPD attacks Occupy Wall Street

Saturday March 17th marked the six month anniversary of Occupy Wall Street. It was a beautiful and joyous day despite a dozen or more arrests for crimes like laying down and dancing. Despite the heavy police presence spirits were. That evening we had a great General Assembly with hundreds present, using two waves of the […]

EU nations ‘knew of CIA prisons’

The countries knew about the prisons operating on European soil, “co-operated actively or passively” with the CIA, then lied about it and tried to cover it up, says the draft of a report to the European Parliament. The countries include Britain, Poland, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Austria, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Cyprus, and possibly Poland. How […]

Rumsfeld okayed torture says former U.S. general

The ruling class is attacking itself. Pass the popcorn, please. Meanwhile, the war crimes lawsuit against Rumsfeld continues in Germany. Sounds like his mojo has about run out. Dubya and Cheney must be getting a bit nervous by all this.

The Brooklyn Abu Ghraib

9/11 torture lawsuit heads to federal court One disturbing incident, repeated over and over, is particularly haunting — inmates head-slammed into a wall where the staff had taped a T-shirt with an American flag printed on it. The motto on the shirt proclaimed: “These colors don’t run.” In time, that spot on the wall was […]

CIA tried to silence EU on torture flights

And may have at least partially succeeded in doing so. Stephen Grey’s new book, Ghost Plane, the true story of the CIA torture program, has more on the Bushies’ torturing for democracy. PS Cheney: “detainees” were water-boarded.

What waterboarding looks like

This is what the neocons are defending as ‘not torture.’ As predicted, the Democrats didn’t put up much of a fight. They are too complicit for that. This is torture we’re talking about. It should be opposed totally and completely. If the Dems really want to convince they are opposed to torture, then they should […]

CIA ‘refused to operate’ secret jails

Even that band of thugs and murderers called the CIA (well, what do you think the CIA does?) is now refusing to obey Bush. Not that they’re bothered by any ethical consideration. Hey, if they were, they wouldn’t have tortured in the past, right? Their quite justifiable concern is they now may get the sorry […]

Britain warns US over torture bill

Britain’s Attorney-General said the US trying to ignore the Geneva Conventions “risked international condemnation.” Now, even ranking members of the British government can no longer stomach Dubya – except for the poodle, who continues to yelp excitedly whenever his master calls for more torture. But then, the poodle won’t be in office much longer anyway.

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