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Dogma or Revolution? The Choice Is Ours for American Left

By Christian Wright I like this article, and I am glad it is written. The American left barely exists. The self-consciously “anti-imperialist” American left, in a country of 300 million people, can probably be housed in its entirety in one of our smaller to mid-sized sports areas. Its influence is marginal, but unfortunately this rarely […]

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Newt plays the gas prices card

Right on time, while the Automobile Club of America reports gasoline prices have risen, on average, 13.1 cents in the past month—despite the fact that gas prices traditionally fall in the month of February as people drive fewer miles during the wintery month: At a campaign event in Suwanee, Georgia, the former House Speaker told supporters that he […]

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Study: Oil demand will peak before supply runs out

Hughes is not alone in predicting that fears over peaking oil supplies are largely unfounded, on the grounds that economies will find replacement sources of energy at a faster rate than the oil industry expects. Let’s hope so. Because that will mean we’ve switched to a renewable energy, non-petroleum-based economy. BP and Verenium form cellulosic […]

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IEA: World oil supplies declining faster than expected

Infectious Greed We have temporarily dodged a bullet. The upcoming IEA World Energy Report will say that global oil supplies are falling faster than expected, and massive investments are required just to (almost) stand still. The only thing making things marginally less calamitous? The current downturn-induced demand collapse has given us a little more time […]

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