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Shipping container farms for locally-grown produce

Produce can now be grown hydroponically with LEDs in completely self-contained Freight Farms or Cropbox shipping container farms, controllable from by smart phone. Crops include lettuce, kale, chard, arugula, herbs, and other small vegetables. Cropbox can also be used for microgreens and feed for horses, with a strawberry version coming soon. Both use dramatically less water […]

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Airflow Truck design doubles mileage for big rigs

Smart changes in the aerodynamics of semi-trucks results in doubling their mileage. An Airflow Truck with a 65,000 lb. load averaged 13.6 from Connecticut to California, way up from the average 6 mph average. The truck has an aerodynamic nose, covered wheels, LCD readouts, hybrid air conditioning, and video cameras instead of mirrors. Replacing the […]

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