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California doubles down on fighting climate change

The California Senate just passed a hugely ambitious plan to shift to renewable energy, electric cars, and to combat global warming. The goals are laudable, however there are real questions whether they can be reached without massive, painful disruption to regular Californians. Seriously. Mandating a 50% cut in petroleum use within 15 years means way […]

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Increasing energy efficiency leads to greater, not less, demand.

Higher levels of energy efficiency does not decrease demand. Instead it increases it. This counter-intuitive effect is called rebound. Thus, expected energy savings and reductions in emissions from better efficiency are substantially less than might be expected. The IPCC made clear: climate mitigation strategies that heavily rely on energy efficiency measures must be re-evaluated. After […]

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US kills IPPC climate change proposal to help poor nations

US hypocrisy over climate change is nauseating. Our government bleats sanctimoniously about stopping global warming then kills calls for funding poor nations in the IPPC report. Poor nations are the biggest victims of climate change yet the least responsible. The World Bank estimates helping poor nations deal with global warming will require $100 billion a year. […]

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Dissent within IPPC over alarmist conclusions in coming report

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is facing internal dissension over whether their upcoming update, the first in seven years, is too alarmist. Some IPCC scientists say the challenges of climate change will be manageable, not apocalyptic, and want the report to reflect that. It’s important to note these criticisms are coming from scientists in IPCC […]

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Keystone XL vs lethal Lone Star threat

    Texas Supreme Court poised to save planet. Keystone XL pipeline ruling could avert any choice by Obama Most of the Keystone XL chatter these days is about the U.S. State Department fantasy that tapping the tar sands of Canada will be a benign blessing for America and the world. But almost no one mentions […]

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Are climate change concerns irrelevant to coping with Southwest drought?

California and the Southwest have a long history of drought. Some Southwest droughts lasted 100 years. Worse, the 20th Century may have been unusually wet. Yet water infrastructures were built and planning was done assuming droughts, if any, would be brief. This was almost certainly a short-sighted, irresponsible approach. These droughts, since they have occurred […]

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