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The Party for Socialism and Liquidation: PSL as Assad’s Bloodhounds

“Someone has to be the bloodhound.” Social Democrat Gustav Noske uttered these words in 1919 before organizing the right-wing death squads that killed Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknicht, two revolutionary former leaders of the very same German Social Democratic Party Noske belonged to. Almost a century later, some on the left have once again taken […]

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Cascadia. A place apart

Historically, the people of each land base have been an integral element of that place’s life. We need only examine the ecologically adaptive cultures of indigenous populations to witness this. In the dominant culture, we have lost our way. We have been raped and pillaged off of our lands and forced to occupy others. This has […]

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When you break the Social Contract

Forty-three years ago I got a Social Security Card and went to work on a cattle ranch a hundred miles the other side of Burns (Oregon). When I first cashed that first paycheck, I entered into a social contract with The United States Government – specifically that if I pay into the system for the […]

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YouTube and Politics I

This is the first of a series of articles co-written by D.J. Mitchell and Susan Cain on how YouTube is used in politics.  Susan has done most of the research. YouTube, the free video sharing site offers an incredible medium for uploading and watching videos.  People love it as a free avenue for airing videos […]

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The case for Resilient Community

Some years ago I visited two villages near Gampaha, Sri Lanka. Both were small and poor. Both were inhabited by members of Rodhi caste, the Sinhalese version of untouchables. But there, all similarity ended. In the first, families of five and six lived in palm-leaf huts just large enough for them all to lie down […]

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4GW in Mexico

Reminiscent of attacks on the Italian state during the 1970’s and 1980’s by leftist Red Brigades and Mafia, the drug cartels of Mexico are hobbled neither by antiquated Marxist ideology nor old-time, rustic, crime family traditions. They are adaptive, professional, transnational in outlook and far better equipped than state police forces on either side of […]

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Intellectual fast food

Many of the Web 2.0 crowd are clearly smart, but what they do is far removed from the current focal point of global change. As a result, indulging in clever Web 2.0 thinking is akin to eating intellectual fast food, it satisfies but its clearly not good for you. This is why I bailed on […]

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The coming urban terror

John Robb on how small terrorist attacks can disrupt an entire system. The networks of our global superinfrastructure are tightly “coupled”—so tightly interconnected, that is, that any change in one has a nearly instantaneous effect on the others. Attacking one network is like knocking over the first domino in a series: it leads to cascades […]

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The hollowing out of the US government

From Bruce Sterling, commenting on the recent deluge of rain in Texas. In other and even weirder Texan news, Texan state officials ignore the incompetent feds and rely on big-box commercial retail outfits to respond to weather emergencies. Can secession and the Greenhouse Republic of Wal-Mart be far behind? If the government of a nation-state […]

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