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Michael Moore redesigns blog as social media portal

Michael Moore shows us one possibility for the future of blogging. His newly-designed is now a one-stop portal for his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr posts. Social media will now be the primary way he communicates. His blog now aggregates it in one place and provides links to other articles too. He plans to […]

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Sin City Siren. Feminism live from Las Vegas!

Award-winning journalist Emmily Bristol blogs hard and thoughtfully on feminism at Sin City Siren. She has an engaging writing style  and is unafraid of wading into online conflicts. Sin City Siren has a considerable following, and for good reason. It has content not easily found elsewhere, the posts tend to be long and informative, and […]

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WordPress Jetpack has powerful features

Jetpack is a free plugin for self-hosted WordPress blogs from that adds a plethora of new features and functionality. Stats and Shortcodes are among the most popular of its thirty modules. I’ve just added three powerful new Jetpack features to my blogs and to client blogs. They are Publicize, Photon, and Enhanced Distribution. Publicize. […]

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Why the progressive blog movement failed

Ian Welsh. The liberal / progressive  blogs movement failed because of a lack of core beliefs and obsequiousness to the Democratic Party, which mostly co-opted them. I never expected them to succeed since they had no real plan for how they would take over the Democratic Party or how they expected not to be corrupted […]

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New WordPress mobile theme for Polizeros

Polizeros now has a snazzy WordPress mobile theme for smartphones, with a slider bar, two menus, easily accessible posts, and more. Please look at it on your smartphone and let me know what you think. Thanks! The image shows what the  mobile site looks like. It’s uses WPTouch Pro 3, which has three themes and is […]

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SEO is dead. Long live social media

Social Media is Dynamite details how social media is becoming the predominant way of communicating on the net, making parts of the web somewhat obsolete. SEO and old style websites are likely be less and less relevant. Social sharing will drive site visits and the social sites will become the place more time is spent […]

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When did Google become the Internet police?

PC magazine columnist John Dvorak had access to two of his websites blocked by Chrome and Firefox last week, based on a blacklist from Google. This is done at the browser level and is very difficult to change because Google essentially has no way for websites to ask questions and get a fast response. You must […]

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