Cops freak out over free speech in Vermont

24 October 2014

Police Go Nuts Over Mumia Abu-Jamal’s Remote Speech in Vermont How a non-event becomes an “event” that ends in anti-climax When Mumia Abu-Jamal was the pre-recorded speaker at a Goddard College commencement in Plainfield, Vermont, in 2008, almost no one outside the Goddard community paid any attention. This year, when Goddard announced that students had […]

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Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, deranged lone-wolf killer, recent Islam convert

23 October 2014

ISIS actively recruits mentally unbalanced zealots to be used as the equivalent of suicide bombers. The mentally ill find such causes because it helps quiet the voices in the heads. Wackos seek out Islamist websites where they are carefully cultivated, groomed, and exploited. Plant a few messages and wait for the explosion to happen. It […]

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U.S. on a highway to Hell. Start a war and lose an empire

22 October 2014

The U.S. blunders on, resolutely refusing to accept reality, leaving other countries in shambles as its own  power erodes. Syria and Iraq are consumed with war. Libya is nearing full-scale civil war. American intervention in Ukraine has been counter-productive at best. It’s almost comical, says Russian expat Dmitry Orlov in a sobering yet humorous essay. […]

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You’re either butcher or cattle. Except when hunter becomes prey

21 October 2014

Darkly dystopian TV like Walking Dead and Breaking Bad mirror the current darkening national mood, says the Burning Platform. The cannibalistic Terminus in Walking Dead lures in the unsuspecting by pretending to be a refuge. Any resemblance between this and war pigs increasing their wealth by sending ever-more to die while banksters loot the country […]

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Class war being waged by the rich against the rest of us

20 October 2014

Huge funding cuts for public education in Philadelphia lead to children sharing textbooks and locked bathrooms. Some nonprofits now make job applicants pay for security checks for low paying jobs. These are examples of the well-off trying to grind down everyone else to further enrich themselves. Income disparities are widening. Too many families are dropping […]

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Tragedy of the Anticommons. Phoenix wants to store water, can’t

19 October 2014

Phoenix admirably uses less water than it did decades ago, even as its population has grown hugely. The city wants to store its unused Colorado River allocation in Lake Mead for future use, but due to archaic, convoluted water laws, is not allowed to do so. This is the Tragedy of the Anticommons, where poor […]

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Mandalay Bay in Vegas now has 20 acres of rooftop solar

18 October 2014

The Mandalay Bay casino and convention center in Vegas is ginormous. MGM Resorts, who owns it, has installed 21,324 photovoltaic panels on twenty acres of convention center roof. Yes, twenty acres… The 6.4 MW system will provide 20% of power for the center, with an additional 2 MW coming when the convention center is expanded. […]

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Drought will persist or intensify in crucial California areas

17 October 2014

The Sacramento and San Joaquin Rivers converge in the crucial Sacramento Delta. Water is pumped southward from there to the Central Valley and southern California and is fed by precipitation in the Sierra Nevadas. Unfortunately, the drought will persist in the Sierras, which is bad news for California. It doesn’t really matter if conditions improve […]

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Investing in biofuel and energy is way harder than Silicon Valley startups

16 October 2014

Silicon Valley billionaire Vinod Khosla has learned the hard way that financing tech startups is trivially easy compared to alternative energy like biofuels. He has financed several biofuel startups, and they’ve all crashed and burned, taking lots of investor and tax money with it. A big problem is his arrogance that Silicon Valley could do […]

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Second Texas health-care worked has Ebola. CDC admits screwing up

15 October 2014

The supposed best medical system in the world, the US, botched its response to Ebola. The Dallas hospital apparently had nonexistent procedures and let hazardous waste pile up. CDC has finally stopped blaming the victims and is admitting it it could have done way better. Frieden outlined new steps this week designed to stop the […]

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