California drought cropland

California mandating water cuts for those with senior rights

23 May 2015

California water law is a convoluted mess of senior and junior rights, special exemptions, and insanely, voluntary reporting of water use coupled with no regulation at all of groundwater pumping. The drought is now so severe that for the first time in decades, California is mandating senior water rights (pre-1914). This won’t help as much […]

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Obama delusional, says US not losing to ISIS

22 May 2015

In the fantasy land of D.C. spin and optics, two major cities falling to ISIS as they march towards Baghdad and control 50% of Syria, is not losing but merely a “tactical setback.” These wee little speed bumps, the talking heads of DC assure us, will be overcome by more training of militias and course, […]

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Mongols Nation trial. Can feds revoke trademarked name?

21 May 2015

First they came for the motorcycle club patches and I said nothing because I was not a biker. A Mongols Nation trial starts soon, with a key issue being whether the US government has the right to revoke the Mongols┬átrademarked name just, because. The prosecution seems arbitrary, selective, and deliberately punitive. If the government wins, […]

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Government as protection racket for corrupt banks

20 May 2015

Oh goodness, more fines for banks that engaged in criminal behavior. Surely some of their executives will be going to prison, right? Ha ha ha. Of course not. With our pretend justice system, federal and state agencies pretend to enforce laws against banksters but instead settle for fines. No one is inconvenienced by criminal prosecutions, […]

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The Aging Rebel: Dispatches From The Motorcycle Outlaw Frontier

Waco bikers were killed by police, not other bikers

19 May 2015

The Aging Rebel, a site for 1% bikers, says the bikers killed in Waco were shot by police. His article on Waco and the comments are intelligent, if sometimes heated, and show how 1% clubs view what happened. The fight started in the bathroom and spilled over into the parking lot. Law enforcement said bikers […]

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Tesla Powerwall will mostly disrupt taypayers subsidizing it

19 May 2015

Tesla’s Powerwall is way too expensive and underpowered to do much of anything except provide a wee bit of power to your house, assuming the sun has been shining, that is. Plus, Tesla is getting huge subsidies, so forget about it being an example of scrappy capitalism bootstrapping new products to market. But does all […]

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#D-printed apartment building in China

3D printed apartment buildings and offices in China

18 May 2015

A Chinese company is now successfully 3D-printing homes, offices, and apartments. It’s faster and cheaper than conventional building. The coming disruption in construction and building trades will be immense and worldwide. The entire industry faces shock waves of changes. Driverless cars and trucks will be doing the same to transportation. Within the next ten years, […]

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Los Angeles Aquedect Cascades, where Owens Valley water is deleivered to L.A.

Water supplies being halted due to California drought

17 May 2015

Water supplies to Los Angeles as well as Fresno agriculture are being seriously reduced and in some cases completely halted due to the drought. L.A. getting no Owens Valley runoff for first time since 1913 As severe drought continues to grip California, the DWP confirmed Thursday that it had dammed the aqueduct at Owens Lake […]

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Eugene Debs quote

Eugene Debs. No war but the class war

16 May 2015

Eugene Debs was a hardcore socialist, founder of the Wobblies, and brilliant orator. He was jailed in 1918 for opposing U.S. entry into World War I, ran for president from prison in 1920 and received 3.4%, nearly one million votes. In 1894, he was imprisoned for leading the Pullman Strike. He never stopped agitating. What […]

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Ripasso Energy CSP

Ripasso solar power most efficient yet at 32% conversion

15 May 2015

Ripasso Energy concentrated solar power focuses the heat of the sun to highly efficient, zero-emissions Stirling engines. A test site in the Kalahari desert has reliably produced energy for four years and achieved a world record solar-to-grid electricity conversion of 32% and, big added bonus, uses no water, a major concern in deserts. By contrast, […]

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