Almost one-third of millenials still live with parents

For the first time ever, more millennials are living with their parents than are married or living with a partner, almost one-third. This otherwise intelligent AP article citing the Pew study starts with a silly sentence say these millennials are “in no hurry to move out of their old bedrooms.” I think it’s much more […]

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Three Everest climbers dead from altitude sickness

Three deaths from altitude sickness, one death from falling, two climbers are missing, and about thirty are sick or have frostbite on Mount Everest. I have to wonder if expeditions are being rushed. Acclimating to altitude can take weeks and can’t be hurried. The standard procedure is to start at a lower camp, go higher […]

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India records highest temperature ever, 123.

India just had their highest temperatures ever at 123.8. Is this due to climate change, normal fluctuations, or both? I’m not sure anyone knows for sure, even as the planet does appear to be in a warming trend. Here in Vegas, for whatever inexplicable reason, Germans enjoy visiting when temperatures are baking, then going to […]

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Head explodes

Koch Institute Forum slams neocons, regime change

In a further sign of the coming apocalypse, a Koch Institute Forum bashed neocons, empire building, and Israel hijacking US foreign policy. Instead, they said, we need to focus on rebuilding infrastructure at home, insuring meaningful education for all, and stop massive spending on pointless and adventurist wars abroad. Yes, this is from the those […]

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Sanders campaign issues tepid denunciation of death threats against NV Dem chair

Nevada Democratic State chairwoman Roberta Lange has been getting abusive texts and phone calls, including death threats against her (and her granddaughter) from presumed Sanders supporters after the tumultuous Nevada State Convention which was eventually shut down by the casino because they could no longer guarantee security. The Sanders campaign released a tepid denunciation of […]

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Unicorn meat

Apple poleaxes Uber with $1bn investment in Didi. Goodbye unicorns?

Two interrelated events are clobbering the value of unicorns, which are private companies, generally tech-related, that plan to go public with insanely bloated valuations based on VC funding and their own bogus Non-GAAP earnings. Established public companies like Facebook and Amazon are (finally) releasing GAAP earnings. This will force unicorns to do the same, which […]

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Empty shelves in Venezuela market

Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina tumult

Venezuela is nearing financial collapse with a coup possible, say concern trolls from US intelligence, who are almost certainly doing whatever they can to speed the collapse of that pesky socialist Maduro government. However, let’s be clear, the Venezuela government has done any number of bone-headed, arrogant, deeply stupid things which have directly led to […]

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FEC slams Sanders campaign for excessive contributions

I’ve written database programs that tracked campaign contributions for a politician. It’s not rocket science. You get full name, address, occupation and track how much they give so they don’t go over whatever the limits are. Unfortunately, the Sanders campaign has been inexcusably sloppy about this. This is not something a campaign can be careless […]

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