13-year-old boy kisses 14-year-old girl on dare, gets arrested


Do police really need to get involved because a boy kisses a girl on a dare? Is being arrested for assault really justified here? The boy could be expelled, have a criminal offense on his record, and maybe have to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life. Does everything have to be so militarized in this country? No, it doesn’t.

One comment:

“Jesus, what is happening in this country? When I was in second grade, I smacked a girl’s butt, and all I got was a talking to from the teacher. He kissed her. So what? I was kissed by girls in elemenary school, and didn’t want to either. I washed my face, and moved on. My friend kissed a guy on the head in high school, and no one called the police. I don’t think a kiss qualifies as ‘assault,’ or even sexual harassment, especially when there are teens involved. Teenagers do stupid things. Just let it go, and move on. I don’t see any reason to get the police involved, or take this to court. Police and court room shouldn’t even respond to such incidents.”

America has a history of such insanity. The Kissing Case involved two black boys, age 7 and 9, playing a kissing game with a 9-year-old white girl in North Carolina in 1957. The boys were arrested, held without bail, and it was only because of international outrage they were eventually pardoned.

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