What if a DNA test shows you have genes from Those People?

Water blogger David Zetland tested his DNA and discovered he is 14% South Asian. Happily, he’s never been biased against Asians so this just adds to his knowledge of who he is. Imagine, as has happened, what occurs when a white supremacist learns he is 14% African. Heh. Craig Cobb’s head basically exploded when he learned the news and of course said it was a multicultural plot against his precious whiteness.

My hair is curly to the point of being frizzy. While I’ve not been able to find any African-American in the family tree, my hair type is common in Ireland. Guess what, 6% of Irish genes are African. So there you have it.

Zetland has a much better idea than Cobb. When you learn who you are, embrace it.

From a genetic perspective, I am German, English and Indian. Luckily for my sanity and self-esteem, I have never been prejudiced or bigoted towards Indians, as I would now face quite a dilemma of hypocrisy.

What’s interesting is that my eyes now see differently. In the past, I knew that the Germans and English were “me” in some way. Now I know (with some statistical probability that may be wrong but is certainly more right than my previous “just-so” heritage) that I am also linked to Indians in some way. This is confusing because I do not share culture, heritage and/or nationality with most Indians. But it is also comforting: I have more in common with “those people,” and common roots make for compassion.

To put my thoughts in perspective, imagine that YOU get a DNA test back that reveals your roots in Thailand, Mexico, Norway or Iran. Wouldn’t you be more curious and perhaps sympathetic to those your people?

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