If your computer won’t open Google Chrome


My Google Chrome completely crashed. It wouldn’t open at all. There wasn’t even an error message. After much thrashing about, I found a solution. You might want to bookmark this.

Google reports that if Google Chrome does not open or stay open, and no error message appears, that you may have a broken browser user profile. You must create a new one in order for Google Chrome to work properly. Exit Google Chrome and open a new Windows Explorer window.

Type “%LOCALAPPDATA%\Google\Chrome\User Data\” into the Window Explorer address bar. Browse the open directory window for a folder called “Default.” Right-click its icon and rename the folder to “Backup default.” Reopen Google Chrome and a new “Default” folder will be created automatically.

The percent signs are crucial. Yes, it is %LOCALAPPDATA%. Also, to insure this works, reboot your computer, then immediately rename the folder. If you try to run Chrome first you won’t be able to rename the folder because Chrome will have partly loaded and will be accessing some of the files in it.

If you sync your settings in Chrome, and you should, once the new Chrome opens and you login to Google, it’ll synch everything. All your bookmarks and extensions will be restored. This is the beauty of the cloud. I’ll be saving this post to Evernote, another cloud service, so I can easily remember what to do should this happen again.

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