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Top 15 markets for hybrid cars are mostly in California

2001 Prius. The granddaddy of all hybrids. I still have mine.

2001 Prius. The granddaddy of all hybrids. I still have mine.

Hybrid cars % of all new car sales

1.San Francisco/Oakland/San Jose 9.4%
2. Monterey/Salinas, Calif. 8.84 %
3. Eugene, Ore. 7.89%
4. Santa Barbara, Calif. 7.5%
5. San Diego, Calif. 7.13%
6. Eureka, Calif. 6.97%
7. Los Angeles 6.62%
8. Chico/Redding, Calif. 6.06%
9. Palm Springs, Calif. 6.03%
10. Portland, Ore. 5.95%

My trusty 2001 Prius is still going strong. A Toyota salesman who lives in the building saw my car and asked what it was. He’d never seen a 2001 Toyota Prius, apparently!

Nationwide, hybrid sales are stubbornly stuck at about 3% which makes them a blip overall.

  • DJ

    Mainstream hybrids have two shortcomings for an area like mine: No FWD/AWD, and too costly. Consider: the median income for my county is about 55% of the federal poverty level. At their current cost, hybrids are a luxury we can’t afford.

  • Bob Morris

    Some SUV hybrids have 4WD now.

    Yes, cost is still an issue. Maybe in 5-10 years hybrids will be truly competitive on price.


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