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Solar power battery pack with USB for emergencies

ReVIVE Solar power battery pack with one solar panel

Add-on solar panels

The ReVIVE solar power battery pack has a 4000 mAh battery, universal USB charging port, suction mounts for windows, charges at a max rate of 2.1 amps, and has a flashlight. It will keep most smart phones and portable devices functioning, if not fully charged.

The ReVIVE charging unit is about the size of an iPhone. It charges to 50% on solar alone in six hours, which is enough power to charge a smart phone at least partly, and can be fully charged via USB or AC. It can not be charging while being charged. Active charging is a feature on much more expensive solar chargers.

For $24.99 more, you get two additional solar panels, thus tripling the charging speed. As long as there is sun, you can charge a smart phone or tablet. Mobile devices are an integral part of most of our lives now. A solar charger means you pretty much can have power anywhere, anytime, with a little planning. If there’s a prolonged power outage, it could become invaluable, assuming there is at least some steady sunshine.

A solar power battery pack belongs in every emergency kit and this ReVIVE model is inexpensive and highly portable.

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