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The Agonist relaunches in WordPress!

The venerable progressive blog The Agonist relaunches in WordPress, and I helped in the conversion. It had been running a version of Drupal so ancient (4.x) that upgrading to modern Drupal was not possible. So, we choose WordPress / BuddyPress using the Atahualpa theme. In any big conversion there will always be a few speed bumps along the way. However, all 75,000+ posts have been imported, articles can be posted using a visual editor, social media sharing is now easy, and much more. Check it out!

We had the basic look and feel up in about six hours, which is a testament to open source code, WordPress, BuddyPress, and the amazing Atahualpa theme which has over 200 configuration items from the Dashboard. (This blog uses Atahualpa too.)

  • Steve Hynd

    You did an awesome job and we’re very happy we had you on board, Bob. Thank you.

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