TSA. What they have done for you lately (revisited)

Immigrant’s Suitcase, 1982. Jan Sawka, Hungarian (

Another busy week for the folks at TSA. For the period between January 1st and 8th, 2012, this is what they’re admitting to in their latest Week At A Glance feature:

  • 1 artfully concealed prohibited item found at checkpoints
  • 21 firearms found at checkpoints
  • 0 passengers were arrested after investigation of suspicious behavior or fraudulent travel documents

And TSA has a blog! (Who knew?) A recent post details their top ten good catches for 2011. Be sure to read the comments for some other “good catches” not included on the list.

TSA costs us billions of dollars every year in time and money wasted on security theater, but at least it’s saving us from Molotov cupcakes.

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