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Bill Black on Lehman fraud and failure

Testifying at House FinServ hearing Lehman’s story is a story of fraud, their subprime and liar loans operations. They sold it to the world. Regulatory heads blocked reform. We knew for a decade these were frauds. But DC did nothing. When Black was Litigation Director of Federal Home Loan Bank board in the 80’s during […]

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Please Fire Me

Please Fire Me details life in cubicle hell. Among the written submissions: Please fire me. The guy in the cube next to me has a liter bottle of Germ-X on his desk, but constantly coughs without covering his mouth. Please fire me. We are still waiting on magical software that will solve our company’s money […]

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You’re on the new Polizeros server now

We just moved to cloud servers from our old account at Laughing Squid. Virtually the same price but triple the bandwidth and quadruple the storage. Now we have room to grow. Big thanks to Jamie Holly, the wizard behind the curtain at Crooks and Liars, for helping in the move. He single-handedly writes most of […]

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The U.S. conflict: Who benefits?

DJ on the continuing and escalating internal conflict here in the US, with the two mostly identical parties pretending to fight each other. Two possible answers are not much removed from each other: money and power. Both parties have consistently voted to roll back civil rights. Both parties have consistently voted in favor af massive […]

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Armenian Genocide documentary released

“Aghet: Nation Murder“, is a documentary made by German filmmaker Eric Friedler, that compellingly proves the absolute truth of the genocide of the Armenian people. Using the actual words of 23 German, American and other nationals who witnessed the events, and armed with archival materials, his film expertly takes on the challenge that [Turkey] PM […]

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Use RICO against the banksters

Jim Kunstler Why is this activity not being investigated and prosecuted under the federal RICO [Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act] statutes against racketeering? The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act was designed to punish exactly this kind of behavior, whether the defendant’s name ended in a vowel or not. How is it not a […]

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