We went green for money, not altruism, Wal-Mart ex-CEO

What Wal-Mart has done is approach this from a business stand point and not from a point of altruism. If we as a company focus on waste, we can make Wal-Mart a better company and at the same time, become a better citizen.”

Because of their huge volume, Wal-Mart has forced suppliers to cut packaging and meet a sustainability index.

Let’s not forget, Wal-Mart put CFLs on the map. In 2006 they decided to sell 100 million CFLs in 2007 – and met that goal by Oct. 2. They told suppliers to cut costs and raise quality. Suppliers did. And then Wal-Mart pushed CFLs into the mainstream.

This is how green will come to the business world. Because it benefits them to do it.


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