Gulf War Council Divided On…

Gulf War Council Divided On Iraq This Time

“Vice President Dick Cheney’s sharp rebuke this week of critics of the Bush administration’s approach to Iraq is striking for two reasons: He wrote that passage into a speech himself, and the words were aimed at rebutting some of his closest colleagues from the first Bush administration,” the Wall Street Journal reports. The AP says the State Department tried to cool down the rhetoric Tuesday, all but confirming that Secretary of State Colin Powell is… [Taegan Goddard’s Political Wire]

So, the War on the Right about a War in Iraq extends deep inside the Adminstration itself.  Despite their macho rhetoric, the hawks are really quite bumbling.  How many times have they changes their story on this now?  Does anyone, including them, know what they’re doing?  Do they have any plan at all?  Saddam must be chuckling…

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